Citizens Formal Complaint

Please complete and bring the Citizen Formal Complaint Form to The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office – Records Unit

The Office of Professional Standards (OPS) primary function is monitoring the integrity of the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office and its employees. This is accomplished via investigating/reviewing all uses of force, vehicle pursuits, citizen complaints, and conducting internal affairs investigations as they related to violations of law, policy violations, unethical activities, and sexual misconduct. Included in the responsibilities of the division are the reviewing and filing of employee disciplinary actions, investigating and filing of employee grievances, and monitoring extra duty employment.
Also within OPS are the Intelligence Unit and Accreditation Manager. The Intel Unit is responsible for monitoring and investigating various types of criminal activity, including, but not limited to, homeland security activities. The Accreditation Manager is responsible for overseeing compliance issues throughout the Sheriff’s Office. This position is responsible for professional and technical work in developing agency policies and serving as the agency’s accreditation/certification manager.