Inmate Bonding Procedures

The following procedures may be used to bond an arrested person out of the Rockdale County Jail


Property Bond:

For a property bond, the property must be improved real estate, (mobile homes are not considered improved real estate) located in Rockdale County. To post a property bond on a property located in another county, the property owner must go to the Sheriff’s Office in the county where the property is located and request an out-of-county bond

  1. If the property is in Rockdale County, every person listed on the deed must come to the Rockdale County Jail to sign the bonding paperwork.
  2. The security provides a warranty deed and current real estate tax receipt. In addition, a mortgage statement must be provided for the purpose of calculating equity.
  3. The equity in the real estate must be at least equal to the amount of the bond, and all owners of record (those shown on the deed) must sign the affidavit on the bond in the presence of the deputy writing the bond. If one of the securities is deceased, a death certificate for the deceased is required.
  4. If the security states that the property has been paid for then documentation must be provided.
  5. There is a $20 cash bond fee, exact change, upon submission of bond.
  6. Other agencies may require certain administrative fees or other requirements before a property bond will be issued.

Cash Bond:

To post a cash bond, payment may be made by cash, or a cashier’s check equal to the total amount of the bond.

Cash Bonds for the City of Conyers must be paid directly to Municipal Court at 1194 Scott Street, Street Conyers GA 30012

Professional Bonding Companies:

Bonding companies charge a fee of up to 15 percent of the total amount of the bond. The following is a list of bonding companies currently authorized to write bonds for the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office.

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office makes no recommendations concerning the use of professional bonding companies.


P.O Box 2325
Covington, GA
(770) 786-2070


292 Buford Dr.
Lawrenceville, GA
(770) 466-1225


P.O Box 964
Watkinsville, GA
(770) 761-8007


P.O Box 1105
Conyers, GA
(770) 483-1126

ROCKDALE BAIL BONDS 1965 Sigman Rd., Suite 101
Conyers, GA
(770) 761-7777

Online Bond Payments:

Bonds may be paid online through the following vendors:

1. GovPayNet
Payment Location Code for Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office is # 6347

2. Cash Bond Online

Bond Surrenders:

The surety may be relieved from the bond at any time, which can be accomplished by delivering the person to the Rockdale County Jail or while the inmate is detained in our custody on unrelated charges by completing the necessary Bond Surrender Form.

Bond Refund

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office /Jail Division does not process any bond refunds. Once a case has been settled and disposed of all concerns regarding refunds or bond returns contact the Rockdale County Clerk of Courts at (770) 278-7900, 922 Court Street NE, Conyers, GA 30012