Inmate Services

If you wish to call Inmate Affairs regarding inmate services or questions, please call 770-278-8209. If you do not reach someone directly, please leave a message.


Onsite visitation is only reserved for attorney visits at this time.

Virtual at-home visitation can be scheduled in 3 easy steps

  1. Visit and follow the prompts to create an account
  2. Please allow 24 hours for approval by inmate affairs
  3. Schedule a remote session

Visitation is normally held during the following hours and is on a first come basis.

  • Monday-Friday 5:30pm-10:00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 9:00am- 6:00pm and 7:30pm-10:00pm

You may also call 1-800-844-6591 for Securus customer service.

You may schedule a visit for an inmate, 24 hours after they have been booked into the RCSO Jail.

Personal Services

Upon arrival all inmates are provided with shower shoes, hygiene kit, and a jumpsuit. During their stay, inmates can purchase more hygiene items and are frequently exchanging out uniforms and shower shoes.


Inmates are afforded the opportunity for recreation. This includes out cell recreation each day and out-of-dorm recreation according to schedule. During this time, inmates are allowed to have haircuts, play board games, and exercise.

Library/Law Library

Inmates are given the opportunity to receive books through a publisher or book seller and check out up to two books from the inmate library at one time. Inmates can request access to the law library to gather study legal information through the in-dorm kiosk.

Approved Items

Inmates are allowed to receive books, magazines, and newspapers but these items must be mailed by the publisher or book seller (no hardcover books will be accepted).

Eyeglasses will be accepted but must be plastic, NO METAL frames. All clothing items must be purchased through the inmate commissary. We will not accept any other clothing items.

Inmate Commissary

All inmates can purchase commissary items via kiosk in their dorm if they have funds available on their jail inmate account.

Funds can be given or webpacks ordered through our vendor at Indigent Kits are provided for inmates with no funds.

Inmate Account

Money can be placed on the Inmate’s account through

Family members can also mail in a money order or a cashier’s check with the inmate’s name on it OR use the kiosk located in the jail lobby area to deposit cash.