Judicial Services

The primary functions of the Judicial Services Division are as followed:


Civil and Warrants Department

The Civil and Warrants Department oversees the warrants and civil functions of the Sheriff’s Office. Personnel assigned to the Civil and Warrants area are responsible for serving criminal warrants and civil papers and maintaining the Sheriff’s Office link with state and national crime information databases. The Warrants and Civil area operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Information regarding warrants cannot be given over the phone.

Transport Department

Transport deputies plan, monitor, and manage transportation activities and operations. It is the duty of the transport deputy to adhere to the legal requirements and safety regulations for transporting offenders. Some of the transport deputy’s responsibilities are:

  • Providing transportation to inmates for medical appointments
  • Emergency medical response
  • Funerals
  • Arranging out-of-state pick-ups of prisoners

Court Services Department

The Court Services department is responsible for the security aspects of the courthouse. Deputies are assigned to specific areas in the courthouse to secure and protect the Judges, Judicial Staff, District Attorneys, Employees, and Civilians. It is the primary focus of the Deputies of this area to ensure no weapons are brought into the courthouse and ensure the public complies with building safety rules.

Records Department

The Records unit is responsible for the intake of all reports, records, and open records requests. Records are maintained for the court proceeding and maintained for a minimum of seven years. This area also deals with the public and attorney requests for records.