Major LeJohn D. Tate

Major LeJohn D. Tate

Major LeJohn D. Tate Jr. is currently the executive commander overseeing the Law Enforcement Bureau at the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO). Before his present position, he worked in the Jail Division as a Detention Deputy, Uniform Patrol Division as a Certified Deputy, HEAT Unit member, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Chief of Staff. He was promoted to the rank of Major on November 27, 2023.

Major Tate is a Los Angeles, California native, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, and a mentor in the community. Major Tate moved to Atlanta, Georgia to attend college. He graduated with a bachelor’s in criminal justice. While attending college, his love for law enforcement grew. Major Tate began his law enforcement career while in college. He worked with the Georgia Department of Corrections as a correctional officer. After college graduation, Major Tate applied for the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office. Major Tate's official start date with RCSO was September 11, 2017. In addition, Major Tate obtained his master’s degree in business administration with a minor in project management.

Major Tate's law enforcement career expands over nine years. He worked in the Department of Corrections, Dismas Charities (federal halfway house), and Rockdale County. Major Tate is dedicated to the success of the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office. Major Tate has a love for traffic enforcement and accident reduction. This was truly displayed through the operations he introduced to the agency. He implemented a concept called “Traffic Tuesdays” to educate the motoring public on how to foster positive encounters with law enforcement during traffic stops. Through Traffic Tuesday, he has held several in-person talks within the Rockdale County Public School System to teach students safety tips on driving.

Some of Major Tate's specialized training consists of:

  • Executive Protection
  • Drug Recognition Expert
  • Advance Roadside Impairment
  • Traffic on-scene investigations
  • Instructor
  • Field Training Officer
  • SWAT level one


Major Tate has charged himself with never becoming complacent. In making that charge, he has vowed to make Rockdale County a better place. It is his goal to fight crime, increase employee retention, cultivate innovative ideas, and highlight the importance of community-oriented policing.

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